Honey is an ancient sweetener with an affinity for granulated sugar. It is used on baked goods and as a spread to put on toast and crackers, or as an ingredient in various drinks, including the beloved hot tea. How can you be sure that your honey is pure, and that it does not contain any sugar or mixers? Here is a simple trick to check for purity at home.

Real honey, A (superfood) that never gets bad or rotten?

Real honey has an endless shelf life. Honey is the only (super)food that will not get bad or rotten. It’s a superfood because it’s also an organic source with many health benefits which we cover in this 8 Manfaat Madu Asli.  Although the look of the honey will change over time you don’t have to worry it gets bad. Real honey will get thicker, yellowish and crystallize. Crystalized honey is actually a sign of high quality honey. Many people think it’s not normal and throw it out

Real honey doesn’t easily mix with water.

The basic test to know if you are dealing with real honey is to drop a teaspoon of honey into a glass of water. If it is real honey it will settle as a lump on the bottom of the jar. If it is fake honey it will dissolve easily. The properties of “pure honey” would ensure that it does not completely dissolve in water.

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