Yogurt and honey are one of the greatest combinations when it comes to a healthy breakfast. Plain (greek) yogurt is overall an excellent source for proteins if you are not lactose intolerant. Besides protein, yogurt contains potassium, calcium and other essential vitamins which forms the base of a healthy breakfast. But not everyone can eat yogurt as it comes because of the texture and plain taste. That’s why it’s advisable to put honey as a natural sweetener to give your yogurt a new taste. It will be more enjoyable, healthy and when that’s not enough you can top it off with fruits and granola.

Yogurt and honey for breakfast

There are tons of choices a person can choose for breakfast. But if you are going to have an unhealthy breakfast, you can better skip breakfast. Breakfast is like the fuel for your car. Without a good breakfast you won’t have the right energy to go through the rest of the day.

Benefits of combining honey and yogurt

Honey and yogurt are great to consume on their own, but when combined each of them provides their own health benefits. Both contain the probiotic bacteria which helps for an upset stomach or diarrhea. Don’t worry it’s a good bacteria which is essential for the human body.

Because yogurt is an excellent source of protein it’s a great and simple food for people who workout. Unless you are lactose intolerant, then you have to search for other options. When you work out your body needs two main ingredients for endurance and to recover your muscle. Yogurt is high in protein, and honey has a high content of glucose. The perfect combination.

Which yogurt and honey to use for maximum benefits?

Just as any other product there are a lot of choices of yogurt to choose from. Basically you can use any yogurt. But greek yogurt is the best to use. Gowildhoney  have used Bali’s frozen Yogurt Republik because of the texture and long expiry date by putting it in the freezer. The flavors are amazing and you get some toppings for free.

Give it a try and you will not be disappointed. There are tons of good recipes on the internet with granola or fruits and chia seed to give another dimension to your tastebuds.

For honey you should always use pure honey. Otherwise you won’t benefit from the anti-oxidants properties. We have used our own jungle honey which has a mild coffee flavor. It’s perfect to combine this with Yogurt. You can get it here or on Tokopedia through this link.

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